Jumat, 06 Januari 2017


I've never asked God to have them in my life.
Somehow it just did.
Somehow I'm happy.
Somehow I'm thoroughly thankful.
But, I don't know about our future like I don't know why we started it.
Sometimes I feel anxious.
That one day we might can't see each other anymore.
Sometimes I feel strongly confidence.
That we'll stay together since everything's always fine.
And for all of these cases,
I just wanna say what Tere Liye's ever said,
"Aku tidak akan menangis karena sesuatu telah terjadi,
tapi aku akan tersenyum karena sesuatu itu pernah terjadi."

~dan saya ga pernah post kalian ke feed instagram saya, bukan karena kalian tidak bermakna~

Thank You.